Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Add Custom CSS to your SharePoint MasterPage

As often it happens, we have to customize the look-n-feel of the v4.master to achieve the styles as expected by customer. At this point, we end up designing a custom CSS and then associate it within the MasterPage. The steps for doing that are explained below:

  • Use an SP2010 control called cssregistration and add a line below the existing csslink:
  • Existing line: runat="server" Version="4" />
  • Now, add the above mentioned control by putting the line: ="server" name="/Style%20Library/Scripts/style.css" After="coreV4.css" />

What this does is basically it tells the SharePoint to load your custom CSS after the load of the default Corev4.css. This way your styles will supersede the default styles.

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